Patent Details for the Opperman Motocart

Restored Opperman Motocart owned by Mark Dudfield

Introduction What follows are the basic details of the patent application for the Opperman Motocart complete with original specification drawings. The original design of the Opperman Motocart aimed to provide ‘a vehicle of simple and cheap construction which would be suitable for the transport or delivery of goods for example or if desired for agricultural … Read more

Water Cooling Charge Air

water cooled charge air fig 1

On the 30th December 1977, DAVID BROWN TRACTORS Ltd. of Meltham Mills, Meltham, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire were granted a patent, number GB1496548A. The inventor is stated as HERBERT EDWARD ASHFIELD and the invention for water cooling charge air, was designed to cool the inlet air between a turbocharger and the engine, increasing the fuel that … Read more

International Harvester improved traction coupling design 1974

International Harvester tractor coupling fig 2 and 3

The traction coupling of a tractor refers to the means in which a trailer or trailed implement is attached to the tractor, generally by drag hook (pick up hook) or drawbar. In 1974 a patent was granted to International Harvester Company of Great Britain for their design of a frame to allow attachment of both … Read more

Nuffield Mechanizations Improved half track patent

half track, nuffield,

Half tracks, where the rear driving wheel assembly is replaced with a driving track assembly provides the benefits of tracked vehicles; reduced ground pressure and improved traction, without the complex steering mechanisms required by full tracked vehicles as the front wheels provide the steering as usual. Although the design had been around since approximately 1911 … Read more