Claas Lexion

A Claas Lexion combine harvesting cereals

Since the Claas Lexion 480 arrived a quarter of a century ago (12th November 1995), Claas has been at the forefront of combine performance. The launch of a totally new threshing concept – its patented APS HYBRID SYSTEM, (a combination of the APS threshing unit and the ROTO PLUS residual grain separation system), made it … Read more


DataConnect cloud to cloud image

If you run a mixed brand fleet of machinery on your farm and need to exchange essential machinery data between machines you have to duplicate the information on each manufacturers platform or web portals. This is time consuming and increases the chances of errors creeping in. This is where DataConnect comes in. Cloud-to-cloud solution Dataconnect … Read more

Patent Details of the Knotter designed by August Claas

CLAAS logo

The importance of the legendary knotter designed by August Claas which went on to be used as the trademark for CLAAS, should not be underestimated. The design brought technical reliability with economical advantages to the farmer. The CLAAS knotter design overcame the limitations of the current knotters of the time by allowing the use of … Read more