Sumo DTS strip-till drill

With Autumn/winter 2019 behind us and 2020 bringing its own challenges, it will come as no surprise that farmers are looking for ways to establish their crops by covering the ground with less passes, less disturbance and less environmental impact. Sumo, a British manufacturer based in York believe they have the answer – the DTS strip-till drill.

With 99% of their machines manufactured ‘in house’, quality control is easily controlled. As a company, they are also looking carefully at how the government’s new Farming Bill will affect farmers and farming businesses and how Sumo can meet the needs of those farmers.

What is the DTS strip-till?

DTS strip-till seeding takes a minimum tillage approach that demonstrates improved root development and soil carrying capacity as part of a conservation agriculture system. Combining the soil drying and warming benefits of conventional tillage with the soil-protecting advantages of no-till is achieved by disturbing only the portion of the soil into which the seed is placed.


Along with the benefits of the improved root development and soil carrying capacity comes savings in fuel, labour and machinery. Reductions in seed/fertiliser rates can also be achieved due to the precise strip placement.

The proven strip-till seeding design comprises a leading straight disc which cuts trash and initiates the rip line for the ensuing leg. This is followed by a straight ripping shank which loosens to depth and creates a perfect environment for easy root development. A tungsten tipped, depth adjustable twin row (or optional single chute) seed placement coulter capable of handling a wide variety of seeds then follows placing the seed. Soil is placed over the seed by the covering discs before firming is achieved by the final press wheels.

The DTS coulters are set to spacings of 333mm. Good contour following ability and seed to soil contact across difficult terrain is achieved by mounting each coulter independently.

Calibration and metering of the DTS strip-till drill is very easy, with satellite speed monitoring, 120mm seed row spacing and grain/fertiliser options available.

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