Lely Vector Feed System

Improved loading

The feed bucket of the Lely vector feed system has been improved. To enable better closing, the new bucket has a new shape. The improved shape and closing of the feed bucket has minimised losses of small feed types such as grains, concentrates and other loose products with the additional benefit of a cleaner feed kitchen. The scraper system in the feed grabber bucket now has improved geometry which improves the loading accuracy because it scrapes all feed out of the bucket. In addition, Lely has also made new grabbing teeth available that load long feed components more efficiently.

Longer life

The bucket and all parts that come into contact with the feed are now constructed from stainless steel, minimising wear caused by acidic juices from the feed. The rope for the closing mechanism has also been replaced by a stainless-steel chain. These improvements reduce maintenance by more than 90% over a lifetime of 10 years.

‘All improvements contribute to a longer lifetime, lower maintenance costs and improved reliability of the feed grabber,’ according to Teus de Jong, Senior Product Manager Barn and Feeding Products at Lely. ‘We are continuously developing our feed kitchen concept because our solution is the most flexible, efficient and safe for automatic feeding.’

The new feed grabber replaces the current one and is also available for existing Vector users to upgrade. For more information contact your local Lely Center

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