Claas Lexion

A Claas Lexion combine harvesting cereals

Since the Claas Lexion 480 arrived a quarter of a century ago (12th November 1995), Claas has been at the forefront of combine performance. The launch of a totally new threshing concept – its patented APS HYBRID SYSTEM, (a combination of the APS threshing unit and the ROTO PLUS residual grain separation system), made it … Read more

Cereal growth stages

growth stage

To ensure the best results from any spray or fertiliser applied to the growing cereal crop it is critical that the product, quantity and timing are spot on. As all crops grow at different speeds due to geographical location, cereal variety, drilling date, weather, soil type etc. etc. it is not possible to use a … Read more

Classification, taxonomy and Binomial nomenclature – an introduction

Classification and taxonomy Classification is the process of grouping organisms in a hierarchical system based on their commonalities. The system we use today is based on a system devised by a Swedish botanist called Carolus Linnaeus (1707 – 1778) often known as the ‘father of modern taxonomy’. (Taxonomy is the most respected system of classification). … Read more