Amazone Introduce New Sprayers

The UF 02 mounted sprayer range from Amazone has been extended with the introduction of two new models. The UF 1002 has a nominal volume of 1,000 litres and an actual volume of 1,100 litres, whereas the UF 1302 has a nominal volume of 1,300 litres and an actual volume of 1,400 litres.

UF 1302 with 20 m Super-S 2 boom

With working widths from 12 to 15 metres with the laterally-folding Q-Plus booms or 15 to 30 metres with the vertically-folding Super-S1 or S2 booms. The completed UF 02 range therefore now covers tank sizes from 1,000 to 2,000 litres. The established UF 901 and UF 1201 mounted sprayer models, which are positioned in the mid-price sector, will remain in the product line-up.

Equipped with a specially formed polyethylene tank the new UF 1002 and 1302 each have a good centre of gravity. The extremely compact tank design allows the distance between the lower link coupling points and the boom to be kept to a minimum. Even with this close spacing the quick coupling system provides comfortable and safe mounting and demounting. A parking system is supplied as standard and just needs to be released from outside when starting work to allow the parking supports to automatically slide into the working position under the tank.

Amazone Smart Centre

The spray liquid circuit is managed via the SmartCenter operator station located behind a large swing door on the left-hand side of the machine to protect it from dirt and any water splashes. Along with the comfortably-arranged controls, the high-performance, 60 litre induction bowl is also located here. Having a conical design and high draw-out capacity, provides high-speed, trouble-free and complete emptying. Thanks to the mixing nozzle and high-performance rinse ring located under the lip of the bowl, granules such as Epsom salts can also be inducted without problems.

Clean water is always available at the induction bowl during both suction and pressure filling. Furthermore, it is possible to fill the fresh water tank when suction filling via the in-house developed, 7-way pressure tap. Storage of personal protective equipment is catered for by the dust-proof storage compartment over the induction bowl which is integrated into the machine design.


The Comfort-Pack is available as an option, enabling remote control and automation of the spray liquid circuit. This includes automatic fill stop when filling from the suction hose as well as the option of the same with a bowser fill port. Agitation is automatically regulated depending on the tank level during the application with the intensity of agitation automatically reducing as the fill level drops, until it is switched off completely, this helps prevent foaming.

Also included in this pack is the auto-dynamic agitation control. Here, the agitator output is automatically reduced temporarily if a high application rate is required at the boom. The agitator operates at full capacity again as soon as all the nozzles have been switched off at the headland. After use, full automatic cleaning is facilitated by the Comfort-Pack and can be carried out remotely from the tractor cab. In addition to this, the UF 02 can be supplied from the factory with continuous internal cleaning.

Amazone AmaSwitch

Various spray lines are available using the TG part-width section control valves and a choice of single or triple nozzle bodies for all the booms (Q-plus, Super-S1 and Super-S2). The part-width shut-off can be combined with the DUS pressure recirculation system on both the Super-S1 and Super-S2 booms. However, Amazone also offers AmaSwitch electric single nozzle control for the Super-S2 boom with triple or quad nozzle bodies and this comes with DUS pro as standard. An extension kit for 25 cm nozzle spacing is also available for the AmaSwitch quad nozzle body which can also be utilised by drag hoses. Usefully, when not being used, the extension kit for 25 cm nozzle spacing does not need to be removed from the machine.

Sprayer front tank integration

Front tank integration

Both the UF 1002 and 1302 can be used with either the FT 1001 or FT 1502 front tank which increases the capacity by 1,000 or 1,500 litres. FlowControl+ enables the front tank to be fully integrated into the liquid circuit of the rear mounted sprayer allowing the the sprayer to be operated as one tank, with liquid transfer between tanks fully automated.

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